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End-to-End Marketing Solutions
These are just a few of the brands we have successfully boosted through transformation and growth-oriented studies.
Marketing Research

Explore market opportunities and reach the right target audience

Marketing Strategy

Increase your ROI through data-driven and growth-based strategies

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

Increase your transformation through performance marketing solutions like effective SEO, SEM, SMM, etc.

Content Marketing

Gain new customers through powerful and effective content marketing

Global Marketing

Put your brand on the map by taking advantage of top international studies in the field of marketing

Analytics Reporting

Take advantage of the power of data and analytics for performance optimization

Product Marketing Solution
Increase your revenue with efficient marketing strategies
Market Research

Discover new opportunities in new markets

Market Needs Analysis

Learn market analysis with marketing- and product-focused research


Target the right customer audience to boost your revenue

Product Modelling

Find the product modelling that is right for you


Price your product with the right inflow and recurring models

Competitor Modelling

Create a winning competition strategy

Software Solutions
Discover high performance, fast and user-focused solutions.
Custom Software

Custom software development for your brand, tailored to your needs

Web Development

Fast, functional and high performance web software development

Mobile Software

Software development for iOS, Android and Windows mobiles


UX-, Mobile- and SEO-focused E-commerce website development


Development of 100+ modules and WHMCS projects specific to the hosting and domain industries


Wordpress software development

Original Graphic and Interface Design
Modern, original and UX-oriented solution development
Graphic Design

Modern and unique graphic design


UX-oriented interface designs

UX Design

Growth-focus UX development

Digital Design

Digital communication designs tailored to your target audience

Ads Banner

Graphic designs for ads on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Corporate Identity

Unique designs that best exemplify your corporate identity

Experienced Professionals in IT Sector

Marketing and communication exercises are carried out according to the target audience derived after detailed studies on the market, customers’ target audience, their behavior, perceptual tendencies and motivations behind purchasing SaaS. Cloud and software companies in the IT sector are quite different from those in other sectors. Cloud MarkeThink has the necessary sectoral know-how to carry out growth-oriented and data-driven marketing activities in this sector accurately and effectively. Cloud MarkeThink’s team of experts consists of highly qualified professionals with decades of collective experience in the marketing, software and business development departments of leading IT companies in Turkey.

A 360° Product-to-Digital Approach

Marketing is a process that starts with product planning. Marketing activities that fail to come up with a product from the get-go cannot be successful with mere digital communication. We handle marketing communication studies with a 360° approach from product to digital and conduct market analysis and product planning while creating marketing strategies specific to different brands. We help our customers maximize their advertising return on investment with marketing studies carried out after determining the product/service model suitable for positioning and targeting segments that will ensure continuity of competition.

Growth- and Data-Driven Marketing

Digital marketing exercises that are not carried out on the basis of data and data analytics are in vain and will most probably come to a halt. Cloud MarkeThink expert marketing staff makes use of data analytics in all marketing efforts and enables businesses to take data-oriented measures. The output of the work done is analyzed and reported on daily, weekly, and monthly bases. Cloud MarkeThink provides support to businesses in the audit, setup, configuration, and integration phases of marketing and data analysis software (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.) to evaluate the results of marketing studies in an accurate and comprehensible manner.

Developer Support

Digital Marketing and software developments go hand in hand. While carrying out digital marketing activities, businesses need various software resources such as user experience improvements, conversion optimization, technical SEO, UI adjustments, among others. Cloud MarkeThink provides software support for such technical software operations required for the execution of marketing operations in case the enterprise lacks the necessary software resources or time frame to allocate to various projects due to heavy workloads. You can receive project- or hour-based services from our experienced software team in digital marketing to ensure that digital marketing activities are not interrupted.


Companies that provide software as a service are one of the most important segment of the IT sector. By providing functional and effective marketing strategy and promotion on the right channels, any SaaS company can expect to grow and reach the right audience.

Our support will address issues such as finding the right market, distinguishing the level and number of competition, and using the right strategy to accelerate flourishment and growth in the most competitive segment of the IT market.

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Cloud & Hosting

By providing multi-channel marketing solutions for technology companies producing services in the cloud computing and hosting sector, we develop innovative solutions that increase their field visibility, accelerate customer acquisition, and enable them to reach new target audiences with the right products.

We produce channel-based and result-oriented unique solutions for all customer segments, whether individual or corporate, and produce fast and economical solutions to all their needs, from technology development processes to customer experience.

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Holistic marketing strategies enable datacenters to market their infrastructure investments to the right audience with high discrimination, transforming new product and segment-specific service models into high profit assets.

We provide support for datacenters, who are aware that access to competitive customer segments requires professional experience, with our result-oriented and permanent marketing consultancy options that offers disruptive competitive opportunities by scanning their competitors' areas.

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For all companies that focus or want to focus on the domain sector, we provide the establishment of all product-based commercial strategies, from market entry strategies to penetration and growth plans, and provide one-on-one support for operational flow planning.

We plan and commission marketing and sales operations in all holistic business models from ICANN integration to dealer channel establishment, and we produce unique solutions in the software, design, planning and content development processes involved in this process.

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Success Stories
These are just a few of the brands we have successfully boosted through transformation and growth-oriented studies.
  • 234%Traffic
  • 112%Member
  • 43%Conversion
  • 400%Traffic
  • 123%Member
  • 60%Sales

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