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Atak Domain is focused on country code domain registration that helps businesses grow more easily and become more profitable. The company offers over 1600 domain extensions to their customers around the world. It also provides web hosting services to individuals and corporate customers.


The main objective was to find more leads around the world for ccTLDs and gTLDs offered by the company. Initially, they lacked any marketing environment and very limited access to marketing experts for implementing business strategies.

Our Approach

The company needed an immediate way to find new funds to invest in a strong marketing plan. Therefore, we focused on devising a content strategy within a strong SEO structure to reach a global audience. We created landing pages for every domain extension, published a significant number of high quality domain-related articles, built a WOMM network, and utilized social media platforms to reach decision-makers. The next step involved conversion optimization to get the maximum revenue from the newly attracted traffic. After the successful implementation of all the above measures, the company achieved a threefold lead generation rate and saw a significant boost in revenue performance as a direct result of the new marketing trend. Finally, an organic marketing budget was generated for paid ads, email marketing communications and campaign management. The business experienced a quadruple growth within the first 2 years of its cooperation with us thanks to this holistic operation and investment plan.

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We help technology companies grow their business and get more leads with our event and marketing services.