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About is Turkey's fast growing medium-sized hosting & domain provider established in 2012. The company provides four types of hosting services, namely web, wordpress, resellership and email hosting to more than 30k customers within different segmentations.


At the beginning of our consultancy, the company lacked any marketing operations, the churn rate was extremely high and new customer acquisition was nearly zero! The remedy was integrated marketing strategy and significantly higher visibility.

Our Approach

The first step in our marketing strategy was analyzing the customer base to curtail products’ churn rates and understand essential customer needs. Next, we focused on rebuilding product portfolios and devising a pricing strategy based on the competition and actual customer purchase figures in the market. Our most effective measure involved formulating and adapting to the new SEO structure to achieve greater visibility for the entire new product portfolio. The newly generated traffic was supported by conversion optimization and new onsite targeting offers to increase the revenue generation speed. Additionally, we improved the brand reputation via webmaster forums and other social networks. The improvement of brand awareness was directly reflected in the conversion rates. At the same time, we also monitored paid channels and modified product offers according to the trend and new targeted segments. As a result of this holistic channel management, the company’s revenue doubled by the end of the second fiscal year.

Traffic Increase
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We help technology companies grow their business and get more leads with our event and marketing services.